Does The Drama Ever End?


I had this best friend all through high school, wicked sense of humor, great head on his shoulders and just a very well said kind of person. He told me once: ‘you avoid drama like it’s the plague.’

I wasn’t, still am not, a confrontational person. He told me that statement because I wasn’t ‘taking a stand’ but, I mean-high school, what kind of stands were there to really take?

Now that I’m older, I realize he wasn’t telling me to take a stand, or choose a side, or even to help stir the shit pot. He was telling me to not get walked on-a lesson I’m still working on! I have better boundaries than I once had, even from a year ago, let alone two years or even then-in high school. That’s just a hard lesson.

Drama can have a lot to do with lack-of boundaries but can also just be that: drama. And the more boundaries you work on having, the more people will push back and not like them!

I’m hear to tell you, I’m pretty sure (like 93.4% sure) drama doesn’t ever go away. Damn. We got a good grip on the plague, why can’t we on drama?!

Drama seems to be what makes the world go round. I, to this day, try to avoid drama like the plague. I really do! I’m a cute (but quirky) blonde in the fitness industry-so it tends to find me rather quickly. The more I avoid it, the harder it hits me when it comes.

I’ve had big soap-opera worthy dramas and small melodramas not even worthy of screen time…here’s the thing I’ve realized though: I may not be able to control others thoughts and actions (not my choice of superpower anyways) but, I can control my own thoughts and actions.

See, I recently started to think of drama as like the ghost in the attic. If you give it more attention, it feeds it the energy needed to keep getting bigger and bigger. If you tend to ignore the ghost, it loses its power. I was recently drug into some, and I choose to keep my two cents out of it~again, as hard as I try to make everyone like me, I had to take a step back and not care about the opinions of others.

I realized that the people that know me, know I wouldn’t be doing what was said that I had done. I can’t control what that particular human thinks or has said, but I control me and how it made me feel and how I choose to react. My so-called drama, that stared at me like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man-turned into a marshmallow the size you get in your hot cocoa mix-because I choose it! I removed myself from that persons equation and decided that if their circle of people wanted to think that way of me, then I can’t change it nor do I want to put the energy into it.

My energy these days, (and during that particular drama) has been going towards my business and my health. My life is plastered all over social media as well, not to where I pin my locations (I listen to true crime podcasts-so, any versions of ‘You’ can be avoided-duh), but enough that people know the level of hustle I’m putting in to each day to A) create a business B) support the people in my business that truly want help.

So, if you skipped all that (because I put no-fun details of drama in the post-Lol) let me just tell you this: drama can’t be avoided. We are humans, miscommunication is one of the biggest fire starters to any drama, followed up by the drive to be seen in a certain light.

Drama can’t be avoided but, you have the right to choose what you let into your space!
I didn’t run from my drama, I have faith that my true friends and true people, know me. They know I’m an introvert and would rather hang with my dog. They also know, I’ll be the first person who holds their crowns up and supports them in their endeavors no matter what! So, drama doesn’t scare me like it once did.

Be confident and be comfortable in yourself to turn away from the silly shit. It’s difficult at times and I’m still working on it, it’s a part of having a healthy mental game!! But, when you truly care less what people think of you-you start to be a little less drama free (though you will hear it from time to time, get headphones ;)) and you’ll be that much freer to be happy. Put up some boundaries, unfollow anyone that makes you feel less, block the negativity all day. Your mental health is important!

Also, if you made down to here after my little rant and ‘trying-to-make-the-world-a-touch-bit-better-post’-and you don’t know what ‘You’ is…get some Netflix already!! I swear I’ll probably write a blog post on how to stay safe in this technological world…look it up tho, it’s a creepy thriller that’s grabbed a lot of attention.

Happy Monday, y’all!

No artful bullshit and forever yours (drama free of course)


One thought on “Does The Drama Ever End?

  1. The thing I’ve learned with drama is that it 99.9% never has to do with YOU and more the person causing the drama. Unfortunately there are so many people out there with massive insecurities that choose to prey on people who seem more secure than them. And the fitness industry runs rampant with insecurity! I choose the same path you do- I tend to ignore it to the point when people starting talking about something or venting to me, I literally need a synopsis of what happened because I don’t have any clue what’s going on! LOL You have so many positives in your life right now there’s no need to clutter it with anything but hustle, heart, and confidence! 🙂


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