Why Your Diet Isn’t Working For You…

Healthy lifestyle over ‘dieting’

Consistency is the key on playing the long game of weight loss. I read and hear so much ‘well, I tried intermittent fasting and I was so hungry I caved.’ Or ‘keto was working but on the weekends with friends I need wine.’ Ever hear ‘you can’t out work a shitty diet’??

Those above statements are why I try to work with my clients on eating healthy, making good decisions, and portion control. Tracking your macros is just the tool used for all trending diets because the big thing is: calories in vs calories out! There are circumstances where this won’t work-and I would argue that it’s mainly in athletic performance that they would need to push calories. Also, I would never ignore the studies that show, for example, a true ketogenic diet helping epileptic children.

The problem with the trends, you aren’t learning any mental aspect of eating. Food has a huge mental impact; we eat when we celebrate birthdays, weddings, babies being born, and funerals (every aspect of the life cycle). Holidays circle around eating; as we become adults, socializing is harder because it also revolves around eating!

Setting limitations, so the rules of your ‘diet,’ may cause you to over-eat, binge or fail. The continuing cycle of dieting, failing, not dieting and then dieting again-‘yo-yo’-is just as bad for you as the unhealthy fat that either clings to your backside/hips or your gut.
Staying consistent will help-it’s hard to do this but if you set yourself up to succeed it won’t be so difficult! And there’s a better chance of you sticking with it and seeing results! No matter what type of lifestyle dieting you wish to do!

For example, I recently decided I was going to go plant based. I sat down with my husband and discussed the budget, the ‘why,’ and if he would be interested in doing it with me, etc. Now, from the beginning I knew that I didn’t want to support our meat industry (it’s bad for the environment and I believe we need to respect our food better) but, I would eat wild game that our family could provide (mainly venison). I also started with two days out of the week! First, I had food already in the fridge that I wasn’t going to just toss (that budget thing!) and I knew the switch would be difficult around the holidays (I don’t expect family to ‘get it’ lol so I adjust).

This process can be taken with most diet trends. The only one I would say you shouldn’t take this approach to would be keto. Keto is more than ‘eat avocados and bacon’ it’s trying to produce a hormone reaction in your body! So you should be getting into ketosis; which will suck for a bit but I know men that truly see results after getting past the ‘keto flu’ stage. I also said MEN. Women have a harder time with keto due to our damned hormones!! They initially lose weight then start to gain, I found an amazing article that I will link here that further explains (way better than myself) on this.

I just never suggest my female clients delve into keto. A lot of them are young or have families and this is not the easiest way to set yourself up for success! It’s not the most family friendly so meal time would be hard if you had to cook for kids, husband and you!
Here are 5 tips to help set yourself, and whatever diet lifestyle you choose, for SUCCESS:

  1. Back to basics! Drink water (take out sugary drinks) and watch your portions <link portion or find pic>
  2. Prep before hand! I like to meal prep Sunday for meals until Wednesday and then I take a little time on Wednesday to prep for the rest of the week. Helps keep things fresh and it breaks down the time of actual meal prep.
  3. Set up small goals you can hit. This will help you feel accomplished and help you stay consistent! (Ex: This week I will have all my healthy lunches planned and packed the night before.)
  4. If you can, plan for the variables! Variables can be: kids birthdays, anniversary, holidays, etc. Some diets you choose to partake will be a little harder to do this but you can always bring dishes that you can eat/share or plan to eat before hand. Not only did I go plant based, I’m lactose intolerant-like BAD-so I learned I always needed to plan ahead of time what I can bring or what I will eat before hand!
  5. Don’t limit your foods. Setting limitations just makes that forbidden food sound that much better! Again, this won’t work with some diets (like keto) and I always suggest with those that you just stick to the rules so you don’t mess with your hormones! But, if you can, don’t set limitations. Watch your portions! You don’t have to skip the birthday cake-just don’t eat the whole damn thing or eat it everyday! This sets you up for a better mental state in the long run.

I’m not saying that any one diet is good vs bad! I’m just saying, they are not all created equal! They all have pros and cons and you should do all the research you can before partaking! (And I don’t mean the kind of research you get when your hair stylist is telling you her second cousin lost weight doing so-and-so or even ‘my trainer does this’) do your own research and plan ahead!

One last thing, and this goes with staying consistent, you need to be understanding and gentle with yourself. I say this to a lot of clients! Having a good mental game is key to anything you are putting your mind to. If you mess up on your diet, don’t continue to eat garbage (staring you’ll start over the next day) start over the next meal! Or if you mess up, don’t punish yourself with an hour extra of cardio!

A diet and exercise are just the tools in your belt, along with consistency and discipline, that will help you lose those pounds or gain muscle, or run that marathon; whatever your goals are!

No artful bullshit, ever-


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