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How to fight off a COLD this season

First off…wash your damn hands 🤣 that just goes without saying (hello 2020 pandemic) Drink lots of water!! Water is your friend!! Not only will it help flush out toxins, it can aid in muscle recovery from workouts, keep collagen and joints healthy, helps clear skin and fights wrinkles, aids in digestion, keeps you fullerContinue reading “How to fight off a COLD this season”

Coffee Real Talk: I Hate This Picture…

I hate this picture, but, I feel like I need to share it… This is a picture that I find so hard to post. I’m uncomfortable that I’m exposed-yes, I’m in my underwear-but I had “let myself go.” As a trainer, coach, fitness influencer, nationally qualified women’s physique competitor…I looked awful and felt even worse.Continue reading “Coffee Real Talk: I Hate This Picture…”

My 7 Healthy Habits for Beginners

So many people want to start a fitness/healthy lifestyle journey and just don’t know where to start! It can all be overwhelming! Social media on all forms can lead you into so many different directions and tell you to ‘do this’ and ‘do that.’ And then you sit, not being able to budge, because thereContinue reading “My 7 Healthy Habits for Beginners”

My 4 Go-To Supplements and Why I Stick with Them

Consistency is something that I’m learning, is very important throughout your life-especially when we think we crave spontaneity! When you date someone, you ask them to be consistent, babies need their routines to grow and sleep better, and my health needs it’s consistency to behave. Take for instance: skincare. I knew I was an adultContinue reading “My 4 Go-To Supplements and Why I Stick with Them”

Does The Drama Ever End?

#MentalHealthMonday I had this best friend all through high school, wicked sense of humor, great head on his shoulders and just a very well said kind of person. He told me once: ‘you avoid drama like it’s the plague.’ I wasn’t, still am not, a confrontational person. He told me that statement because I wasn’tContinue reading “Does The Drama Ever End?”

Why Your Diet Isn’t Working For You…

Healthy lifestyle over ‘dieting’ Consistency is the key on playing the long game of weight loss. I read and hear so much ‘well, I tried intermittent fasting and I was so hungry I caved.’ Or ‘keto was working but on the weekends with friends I need wine.’ Ever hear ‘you can’t out work a shittyContinue reading “Why Your Diet Isn’t Working For You…”

When Life Hands You Lemons, You ask for Lulu-Lemons Instead

See what I did there? And yes, this is a blog article about leggings-kind of. Recently, I made a post to Instagram that I didn’t think would have an impact on me or any of my followers. Let’s be honest, most of my followers are men and don’t necessarily care for fashion posts, health posts,Continue reading “When Life Hands You Lemons, You ask for Lulu-Lemons Instead”

Goals; They Aren’t Just a New Years Kind of Thing…

Goals was a word that used to intimidate me. The definition given states a goal is: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. In my own head, a goal was a deadline-it was something you HAD to meet and it was CONCRETE. I’m not the best at planning lifeContinue reading “Goals; They Aren’t Just a New Years Kind of Thing…”