Some Social Media ‘T’

I’m not much of a tea drinker (I’m whiskey in a tea cup tho) but I thought it was a cute tie in to a healthy habit like tea and maybe a not so healthy habit like social media, that needs to be addressed.

Sometimes blogging is hard; you are really putting your thoughts and feelings out there in hopes you connect with people on a larger scale-further proving that you aren’t alone. That you are hopefully impacting those who may feel the same and you keep those from not feeling alone as well.

The world is hard; everyone has problems and we all have ‘those days.’ Sometimes, you look to that YouTuber or the athlete or the ‘influencer’ to motivate you, to make you feel like you aren’t alone in your problems! That’s what the social media platforms of today are supposed to be for! A larger sense of community!

The influencers I follow-I’m lumping them into this category for the sake of this blog. Are REAL people; they respond to comments and direct messages because they give an actual shit and they want to make a difference in this world. Are they Mother Theresa? No!! The little impact that they have touches lives no matter the size of their following. One positive interaction can snowball into many smaller positive interactions without you even knowing the effect!

I’ll tell you my example using Lori Harder, she’s an author, fitness expert, podcast host and self love junkie. I LOVE her podcast, she makes me feel like I’m never alone in my issues and pumps me up!!! I posted I was listening to her podcast, honestly because it was a good message and other women should hear it!!! She messaged me back thanking me, simple enough, but added the sweetest compliment. She raised me up when she didn’t have to, straightened my crown, and for real-it made my day. That day, I swear to you I complimented 6 other women in hopes they would feel how I did when Lori complimented me!!That’s being an influencer-no matter your size following.

I wrote about this because I recently lumped myself into this ‘influencer’ category. I have a small following, but a following nonetheless! I get messages daily from people that love my messages that I’m putting out there. It’s a form of therapy for me, I post and write what I am feeling and what I need to hear that day in hopes to connect to a similar community that needs it too.

Instead, someone commented ‘another person who just goes to the gym with 1500 followers calling themselves an influencer is just cringe worthy.’

I have more than 1500-that’s just semantics. This person only had 200 followers as well and a male on top of everything. Why, as a society, do we feel the need to comment on all things? You have a right to free speech-as do I!! But on a post, spreading positivity, do you feel the need to comment and spread negativity? For real, my post was about creating a small healthy habit and all he got out of the post was the self proclaimed ‘influencer’ title; he even skipped my #boobsweat comment that well, was funny!
The world is full of negativity. We don’t need more. People are battling cancer and other illnesses; children are going hungry; the political climate is toxic and scary; puppies need homes; there’s so much bad-why spread it further?

I fully believe in being the energy you wish to receive. I also fully believe in ‘If you’re going to be a turd, go lay in the backyard.’

I’m trying to put a voice and a face to my blog-to my Instagram-to my vulnerability as a real person. I share in hopes to grow a community; to empower others to be better, do better; to spread positivity where there is negativity and over sexualization.
Yes I go to the gym, I post a lot of gym things. Fitness is a HUGE part of my life, and whether you think fitness isn’t just as much a huge part of the world or not-it is! Look at the fitness industry!! It’s massive. And you want to shit on the few trying to connect in a healthy and positive way, without showing our asses and selling detox tummy tea? Get out of here! No one needs nor wants your shit, we are too busy shoveling our own to be dealing with the shit you throw on our pile.

Be the energy you want to receive.

Show gratitude daily-it’s an easy thing to hate and expend your own energy on being down and hateful. Aren’t you tired?! Let’s compliment the barista that just made your coffee and served you with a smile! Maybe you ride the metro-thank your driver for getting you to and from your destination safely! I saw a girl working out in the gym and I complimented her shoulders because, shoulders are hard to tone!!! (Now guys-I know it’s difficult to compliment a female in a gym, but, you can always build your gym bro’s up!!) I try to smile at people, it’s hard when I don’t have my glasses on, but, you guys-a smile can turn someone’s day around who’s in their head about the bad day they are having. They could see the smile and think ‘oh that’s so nice!’

I’m not sorry for the rant and I’m not sorry for calling myself an influencer. If you read it this far, you know I’m speaking from the heart and I know you’ve felt similar things in your daily lives. Let’s just all try to work on being positive for ourselves and when we all start overfilling our cups, let it run over and spill out into our small world!

Never any artful bullshit and with much love,

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