How to fight off a COLD this season

First off…wash your damn hands 🤣 that just goes without saying (hello 2020 pandemic)

Drink lots of water!! Water is your friend!! Not only will it help flush out toxins, it can aid in muscle recovery from workouts, keep collagen and joints healthy, helps clear skin and fights wrinkles, aids in digestion, keeps you fuller longer (so you don’t binge on crap!) and fun fact-helps reduce the chance for hangovers (I mean-I’m not judging, you gotta get through the holidays somehow!)

Up your vitamin C, D and make sure you are getting zinc! The weather changes and I start taking my ZMA’s at night and I take an extra dose of C and D during the day!
If you don’t have a humidifier already-get one!!! It’s freaking dry here in Colorado we basically need one year round-but that heat kicks on and sucks the moisture out of the air which can lead irritation in your nose and throat! The start of cold if you ask me…

Bone broth!!! I started adding this in to my routine when I was going to CrossFit during the winter in Cincinnati…and it was a GAME CHANGER! I had less of the cold dry coughs you get when that frigid air hurts your lungs, and bone broth has so many added benefits! It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, protects your joints, aids in digestion and can help you sleep better! And we know our body gets good recovery time in when we sleep-so the lack of sleep opens us up to getting sick!!

Which brings me to: get more sleep! And take care of where you sleep! Change your sheets and pillow cases often and if you have trouble sleeping/falling asleep-there are many non-habit forming sleep aids to try! I have a lavender spray I use currently since taking sleep aids is out due to baby-but the hubs takes melatonin regularly to help him fall asleep. Having a routine helps too-lavender or chamomile tea before bed, a 15 min (or less) shower and some magnesium may also help before bed!

If you feel a cold coming on-because we can try to prevent it all we want but sometimes it just happens! Get some rest! Don’t be a hero-that’s how you a)spread germs b) make the cold/illness last longer. Aka don’t go to the gym to “sweat it out” you can do that at home in a hot shower or a steam facial. Let your body rest and heal, go for a short walk (if the weather permits) or do some light yoga if you feel you have to “workout.” Vick’s Vapor rub is also a good friend of mine when coming down with a cold-so stock up on that and zinc lozenges to aid in recovery!

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