Where’s the blog at?!

Ok, it’s been a hot minute guys! And I’m truly sorry to leave y’all for SO LONG!

Let’s back up and kind of do a quick rundown of what has been happening!!!

Covid-19 hit the world and shocked us all. No one was prepared for the pandemic to hit and well, I was no exception!!! It’s been 100 years since our last one so, who would’ve thought?!

Right before the shelter in place happened, we adopted a sweet little 4 month old tiny straight haired Bernedoodle named Lola, who has been keeping us on our toes for the last three months. She definitely made quarantine easier and it’s nice for Gus to have another partner in crime!!

Before covid-19, I was struggling with a (mis)diagnosis of PCOS. PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome (sometimes can lead to different ovarian cancers-scary stuff!) and it’s very common among women! There’s weight gain, painful and irregular periods, uncontrollably bloating, breakouts-it’s like being on your period that got turned up by 100. It’s awful!

With PCOS, you can also have fertility issues. When I went in to my original obgyn to speak about starting a family, she diagnosed me, saying I had thick follicles in my ovaries and I wasn’t ovulating. To say I took the news hard was an understatement! (I will also talk later about how I was treated at the first doctor and how you should be an advocate for your own health in a later blog-because this experience alone was traumatizing!) After finding a PC and new obgyn-I was on the healthy train to start a family.

But, plans got put on hold when the decision was made to uproot our lives in Ohio to move to Colorado! Yeah, boy were we in for it

A week into the shelter in place and after making the decision to stop trying because of the stress of selling a house and moving, I found out I am expecting a little nugget in November! Scary times to say the least!!! A pandemic, a move and then the really heavy stuff hit.

I don’t want to get into anything political on this blog, it’s not what it’s for. It’s health and fitness. But, this stuff can’t be swept under a rug-black lives matter. Period. All lives matter, and in this world we should be treated equally and it’s saddening that we aren’t. My heart was sadden and hit hard with the senseless murders of fellow humans by hateful people. I know I’m not saying anything right-which is another scary thing and why I left for so long-I didn’t want to say the wrong thing but also I was sad.

I’m learning, as I hope many others are, and we can all do our parts to change. Having a small tiny life growing inside me and this happening, has forever changed me in indescribable ways. And I can only hope we all raise the next generation with love instead of hate.

So, that’s what has happened-I don’t want to write a book about the last three horrific months that has and is changing our world. But, I wanted you to know I’m still here, I’ll still write and hopefully I can keep spreading love, joy and knowledge (and hopefully some laughs) with all the new adventures I am facing!

Again, this blog will be health and fitness related, plus some sprinkled in adventures of being pregnant and the move/adjustment to the mountain life. I will be providing links below to help spread more knowledge and love!

Stay tuned, y’all! I have a lot coming up!!! Please be sure to sign up on my website for my weekly newsletter (FitLetter! As I like to call it!) and as always, love y’all!

Never any bullshit,


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