My 7 Healthy Habits for Beginners

So many people want to start a fitness/healthy lifestyle journey and just don’t know where to start! It can all be overwhelming! Social media on all forms can lead you into so many different directions and tell you to ‘do this’ and ‘do that.’ And then you sit, not being able to budge, because there are so many options out there! Let me help…or try to (LOL)

Now these are in no certain order!! And again: when you are starting a fitness journey, getting into a new routine-a lot if not ALL of these are overwhelming.You are not alone and remember this is your journey and there’s no wrong ways.

I suggest take it one day at a time, and one week at a time for these healthy habits. “They say” (I’m assuming neuroscience doctors) that to create a habit you need to do it for at least 21 days before it fully becomes a habit or routine for you!

Changing your fitness, whether you are already fit and need out of a rut or you’re brand new (WELCOME!), attacking each habit and trying it weekly will help! The last one is one of my favorites!!! And I won’t lie to you, sitting down and slowing down to write about and think on everything I was grateful for was daunting at first!

I’m here to tell you these can be done!! Try it-take a week for each! Start with a random one, or go down the line-just start!! Don’t wait for Monday, begin today and let’s see how the mindset shift helps to change yourself and your fitness for the better!

1. Water-drink lots of it!! Whoever came up with the 8 glasses a day rule…well, it’s bullshit! Drink more and aim for ounces instead of glasses!! In my house, we drink from mason jars, so there’s always been discrepancy on what a glass is. I wasn’t a huge water drinker before I started bodybuilding-and it was a wake up call for me to actually have to drink a gallon per day and it was a struggle!! I tell all my clients that struggle with this, to start and aim for 80 ounces! Then we build from there!
 What happened when I started to drink 128 ounces?1 Well, my digestion started to get better! (Less bloating and constipation), my face cleared up (guys-being 30 with acne just wasn’t cutting it anymore!) and I notice a huge difference in my energy levels! Yes, I pee often lol but it’s helping my body to function better and to get rid of the toxins I build up!!!

2. Move-do any kind of body movement for 30 mins each day! That could be, dancing in the kitchen to walking the dog! When I was injured and couldn’t do any lower body days, I would walk the long way to my local coffee shop and back to my house (hitting some slight inclines but also getting in some miles each week!) the bonus to walking is you get time to clear your own head! I caught up on podcasts, came up with business/marketing ideas, reflected on my day so far-you name it, my walks were what got me moving and clearing my head!

3. Eating one healthy meal each day for a week is a great way to start changing your diet for the better. Diet is a loose term here because I don’t want anyone to think of a typical restrictive diet! For one week-plan your morning meals for each day! That easy-could be overnight oats or a smoothie, egg bites (all these recipes will be coming soon to!) but start your day off with less sugar and a well balanced meal of carbs, proteins, fats and fiber! It gets your day started, helps wake up your body systems and keeps you fuller longer so there’s no mid-day crash!! (Also another eBook coming soon-Badass Macros: a beginners guide to badass macro tracking and nutrition!)

4. Start planning and prepping for your day…you don’t have to be a chef to plan out a couple of days of food ideas. Also, you don’t have to be Marie Kondo to get a little organized. Start with one small thing each day that will help you out the next day. I always set out my clothes the night before, it’s one less thing on my plate in the morning! I meal prep a few meals in advance-this goes for my tracking too because I plan my days out in advance to help puzzle piece my macros together. This just sets me up for success for the following day, especially when my day can get a little hectic! When my foods are in the fridge and ready to go; it’s one less decision I need to make!

5. Turn off all the tech stuff 30 mins before bed and try to get to bed 15 mins earlier. Sleep is so important to mind and body recovery! I’m not saying you have to get 8 solid hours each night, because I get it! Life happens! If you can average 7 throughout the week-you are winning!! Turning off all the tech literally gives your eyes and your brain a much needed mental break. You won’t be falling down the rabbit hole of who did this and when and comparing it to your life now-which is a double win! You can definitely try reading an actual book, a nighttime yoga routine or breathing exercises, or taking a quick shower with some essential oils such as lavender and chamomile (make sure you don’t put them directly on your skin-but get some infused rubs or body washes!!)

6. Set some goals and be realistic about them. More so-be SMART about them. You don’t have to have 10 to start with-you are beginning a healthier lifestyle change so start with one or two! Be specific (set a time frame), make it measurable, attainable (you didn’t gain 20 lbs in a week so you won’t lose it either; same with ‘I’m going vegan’ ease into it!) realistic and time

7. Start cultivating gratitude. I have and love using a gratitude journal – it’s daily prompts that makes you think of the positive things that have happened during your day. It’s not just about the good things but also remembering those in your life that have had positive and loving influences on you. I’m always grateful for my mother-not trying time be mushy, but she truly cares for everyone else around her, expects little to nothing in return and has taught me how to be a strong woman. Who you hang out with can also affect how you feel and express gratitude-so take a close look at your five most inner circle. Are they positive? Values line up? Positive influences can do so much for you when cultivating gratitude!

So, if you read all the way through those-congrats!!! I tried to keep them short and sweet…you don’t have to do all 7 everyday all day. Try one thing at a time and celebrate the small wins!!! If 4 out of 7 days you write on a gratitude journal-you are winning!!! You drink an average of 100 ozs in a week-hell yeah!! You are killing it!!! Try to keep it simple for yourself.

Give it a try!
You know I don’t ever give you the artful bullshit.

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