My 4 Go-To Supplements and Why I Stick with Them

Consistency is something that I’m learning, is very important throughout your life-especially when we think we crave spontaneity! When you date someone, you ask them to be consistent, babies need their routines to grow and sleep better, and my health needs it’s consistency to behave.

Take for instance: skincare. I knew I was an adult when I I stuck with a skincare line and do the steps morning and night! (Athia skin literally cleared my skin and has helped with wrinkles *code: FUNSIZED will save you some money and I SWEAR by this stuff) which we all struggle with-so I know I’m not the only one that is impressed with themselves when they take care of their skin!

Supplements though, they come and go; along with the many many supplement companies out there! It’s a whole different game when it comes to what you take! Three of mine listed are from Bowmar Nutrition, and I want to give them a little shout out. As a supplement company, they test their products and they don’t hide anything! No fillers or proprietary blends-they list what they got in there and show the test results done (they post about it on their social media too!) They believe in their products and believe in a higher standard at an affordable price-so, yes-I love them and their products!

Now, I’m listing my top 4 supplements that I take everyday and that I’ve noticed have made a difference! But, always consult a primary care or health professional when beginning any new supplements!!

Collagen Peptides by Bowmar Nutrition:

What is it?

Collagen Peptides are a versatile source of protein that promote the health of bones, joints and skin. Bowmar Nutrition sources their collagen peptides from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine (high quality). They are easy to digest (they have no flavor) and quickly absorbed! Collagen peptides help repair joints, bones, and tendons and they also support hair, skin, and nail health for an overall radiant look!

Why do I take it?

I tore cartilage in my knee in my athlete days in college-it has a tendency to fight me on rainy days. Taking collagen peptides has improved my joint and cartilage healthy tremendously!!! And I don’t notice that I’m pain free (or close to that) until I haven’t taken my collagen for an extended time!

Also-I’m hypothyroid and I have PCOS-both threaten the thinning of your hair. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to have some help fighting that back and restoring the youthful bounce to my skin! Which, I had TERRIBLE skin before and I’ve noticed a huge change in my acne since taking these!!! The Bowmar Nutrition site and Sarah Bowmar herself, has the clear skin cocktail posted and I’ll share here:

Clear skin cocktail recipe:
20oz room temperature water + 2 scoops collage + 1 scoop greens + 1 scoop cherry BCAAs. Shake and enjoy.

Greens by Bowmar Nutrition:

What is it?

Bowmar Nutrition Greens are a blend of super-foods that can help fill in the nutritional gaps of your diet. 1 scoop will naturally boost your energy levels, support a healthy metabolism, and improve your overall health. It has 12 servings of fruits and vegetables to deliver the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.

Why do I take it?

Adulthood: I hope you like ibuprofen.

I joke, but the aches and pains I have now are way different then when I was a kid. I workout hard!! I also noticed that my digestive system isn’t what it was when I was a kid! So, I began taking the greens EVERYDAY!

The greens help the liver detoxify/function and supports your body’s digestive system, immune system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system. All pros in my book-I’m huge into digestive health and it’s importance for daily living-who wants to be bloated and in pain everyday?! And, it no joke-has helped me to curb my sugar cravings!! It’s a win-win and tastes delicious!

Probiotic by Bowmar Nutrition:

What is it?

Probiotics are live, friendly bacteria which are naturally present in your digestive tract. Your body is full of bacteria and organisms that maintain and help with the daily functions of all the systems and taking a probiotic supplement can help maintain the ‘friendly’ or important bacteria colonies that can be depleted by stress, anti biotics, and gastrointestinal disturbances.
Bowmar Nutrition Probiotics are a potent blend of 12 different probiotic strains and 20 Billion CFU’s per capsule which supports immune and digestive health!

Why do I take it?

I mean, what’s sexier than gut health?! Am I right?! Wink wink! Ok, but for real, I take this bad boy so that my gut health is 100% functioning. I spent too long constantly bloated, inflamed and uncomfortable; not to mention I wasn’t regular and that’s just frustrating! So, all I’m going to say about this probiotic is: it got me right! I take one every morning and I have noticed a very big difference in my overall gut area!

Prenatal gummies with DHA:

What is it?

A prenatal multivitamin is a one stop shop for your vitamins. Why take 10 when you can take 1?? I have been on a prenatal for 3 years, and I can tell you that while you are of child birthing years (even if you don’t want kids or are not planning for them yet) it’s more bang for your buck!!! A regular multivitamin doesn’t contain folic acid, iron, extra biotin (hair, skin and nails) or the DHA (omega 3 fatty acid that aids in brain development and function-it can also help reduce inflammation and help your heart!)

Why do I take it?

I take a prenatal because, I’m in my thirties and I love that I can take two gummy chews and receive the benefits of 10 vitamins!! Like I said-way more bang for your buck!

When I went to the gynecologist and found out about the PCOS (I swear I’ll be writing a post about this soon!) she had told me I was wasting my money with the handful of vitamins I was taking! I was just making it harder on my body to do it’s job because I had inundated it with more things to process and I was pissing away money!!! Not something you want to hear on a budget! It also simplified my life taking the two gummies daily instead of remembering to take my handful each day!

Now guys-this is just what I take (plus an allergy pill, because, well Ohio is an allergy itself). By no means is this the Bible to good health!! Simplifying my routine made life a lot easier for me, and taking these things has helped me in my fitness journey! My hair loss has slowed down (thanks PCOS) my skin is looking clearer, inflammation and bloating has gone way down and I know the B vitamins have helped me through some rough days! But always, ALWAYS, consult your PCP or health professional before starting any kind of regime!!

Never any artful bullshit,

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