10 Easy Things You Can Do Now for Self-Care

Legit…a photo of me being a stressed out introvert needing to recharge…

“Pardon my french, but Cameron is so tight, that if you stuck a piece of coal up his ass, and twisted, in two weeks you’d have a diamond.” – Ferris Bueller

If you’re anything like me, I’m like this 80% of normal times, but during the holidays-100% of the time. Between running errands, gift shopping on a budget, holiday parties, cooking, cleaning, wrapping like Buddy the Elf, acting like you are Buddy the Elf for friends and family….you’ll have diamonds coming out of your ass too! As much as I need those diamonds, I imagine its painful, so I’m attempting to nip this in the bud.

And just like the health and beauty magazines, the Good Morning America Show (or my fav Kelly and Ryan) and every blog out there, I’m going to tell you as well: self care is IMPORTANT! And, if you’re like me, I have some issues figuring out what exactly self-care is to me (I mean, I eat right and workout-like what more can I do?!) A lot more and its easy.

Here’s my 10 ways for you to get in some self care (starting now!):

  1. Take a 20 minute soak in the bath-put on some music (I listen to a background noise maker that legit puts you in Loki’s room while he writes and you sit by the fire *cue drooling*), throw in some epsom salt and a little bit of baking soda and you’re set. I love and suggest Dr. Teals Lavender Epsom salt and soak found here.
  2. Use towels right from the dryer. Like, who doesn’t like the smell and feel of fresh linens from the dryer- the Downy soft bear had it right bouncing around on those fluffy fresh sheets.
  3. Enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee or tea ~ bonus when you use the sound mixer of background noises and find yourself drinking coffee with the Avengers in Stark Tower (yeah-my nerd is showing. Find the mix here )
  4. Take time to journal all your thoughts. Even if they don’t make sense, nothing flows, grammar is wrong-you just write. It’s how you feel and there’s no wrong way to feel.
  5. Curl up with a good book. I get it, not everybody has the time-well make time! Set a timer for 20 minutes if you have! And one day, I’ll start a book club because its a secret passion of mine and I’ve been trying to read 3 books ea month.
  6. Treat yo self! Like Donna Meager from Parks and Rec~she knows where its at! Get yourself a mani and pedi!
  7. Cozy sweater time! Or even better, fuzzy socks! Get comfy, get warm, and get cozy so you can relax a bit. Two of my fav found here and here.
  8. Call up an old friend. There’s something comforting and personal in an actual conversation that isn’t through text or emails. And my old friend, she’s amazing and completely gets me. I always feel better when I’m validated, understood and connect with my human.
  9. Do a craft. There’s a fun, easy and surprisingly calming YouTube to try here . Just make something and have fun doing it! Use glitter too-that always helps.
  10. Make your space smell good. I have some favorite candles or you can burn incense, bake cookies (heaven knows that smells amazing!)

The whole point of self care, is doing something-anything-for yourself. The introvert in me needs to recharge and it’s honestly a healthy and key habit to have!

Just try it-especially the towel one.

No artful bullshit, and forever your introvert,


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