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Gym Life

Taking a step back from health issues, I wanted to kind of spot light my gym life.

I like to call myself an ‘in-between’ athlete. I love CrossFit, but it tends to not like me and I can only afford a commercial gym membership. I was a bodybuilder but, due to being burnt out and health issues, I’m no longer doing that. I’ve found a hybrid program, but even that got frustrating because of limitations in a commercial gym.

What did I do?

I went back to my personal training roots and started programming for myself again. It’s a mix of functional and bodybuilding style workouts, I’m in and out in an hour (I used to live at the gym, and I ain’t got time for that) and I’m really just focusing on my health. Some days, I do a high intensity interval workout from home, most days I try to get in the gym, and some days I don’t make it at all (like last week-it was a no-go!) I’m here to say, that it is all ok; as long as you aren’t a member of the USA gymnastics team-you don’t need to feel guilty about how you fitness.

I train people online and lead a fitness lifestyle that is wayyyyy less candid than this blog: @Fitness_Funsized on Instagram). I do like to think I have a sense of humor that I share on there (and here) and inspire others…so my goals besides keep this blog alive, is to also share more workouts and grow my online training business. I honestly love helping others see what they can’t see in themselves and restoring or giving them confidence! I know how hard it can be, so, if I can help it makes me feel pretty good.

Honest talk-I quit/lost my job, wasn’t paid, decided to get back into owning a business, blog and generally take on the world all on Thanksgiving weekend. And this time of year, I”M AT MY WORST MENTALLY. I feel like I’m constantly battling the good fight of balancing holiday time between two families that live hours apart and doing whats best for me, all while staying on or under (yeah right) budget.

Sound familiar?

Having said that, I’m creating a 12 Days of Christmas Workout Program…”program” said loosely because, I just want to share and post a workout of the day for the 12 days before Christmas. The holidays are hard, and every blog post and article written by People and Time Magazine, will be on you about ‘Self Care” and “Self Love.” And yes-I will be on that trend too because I believe it wholeheartedly and this will be my contribution (and kind of a way I’m helping myself, no matter who follows).

Blog post laid bare: I’m trying to get back into the gym and get healthy, and if you want-come along with me and do some fun workouts and lets get through the holidays together!

No artful bullshit and forever yours,


PS still working on that sign off


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