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Feeling Grinchy?

I don’t know about you, but the holidays (starting in Thanksgiving and ending in New Year’s) makes me a little…Grinchy.

I want to LOVE the holidays. I really do! As of late, and as I have begun to think about starting a family, I want to be a Who in Whoville and not the Grinch. Unfortunately, the Who in me hasn’t been able to surface for a long time.

Money issues, holiday planning, budget, family…those are just a few things that really get me. Christmas just seems more and more commercialized and money driven-‘get the man in your life this gadget $$$’ or ‘treat her to what she deserves $$’ buy this, buy that and prove your ‘love.’ Just doesn’t appeal to me.

Also, blending families. My family wants me to do this, his family wants us to do that-there just never seems to be enough time and one side always seems hurt. I have a lot of issues with control-and sometimes I feel like I get manipulated into things I don’t want to do and its a form of control. What a Grinch thing to think!!

So, this year I figured I really needed to do something different:

  1. Working out. I’m sticking to my workout plan and I’m not going to feel guilty for it. It’s for everyone’s own good anyways. Check my Instagram @Fitness_Funsized and follow along on the 12 Days of Christmas workouts for some quick, sweat inducing and endorphin releasing lifts!
  2. $$$ Spreadsheet $$$ with a budget in mind. I know what I need to spend, how much i have to spend, then I write who I spend for and what they are getting (with check marks on when they are done-cause who doesn’t love a good list with check marks?!) I’m usually wrenched with guilt when I last minute shop for my own family and fall short compared to my s/o’s family. Being organized and writing it down, holds me accountable.
  3. I won’t feel guilty for not meeting others expectations of gifts. I’ve asked around what people would like; if it fits the budget and it’s available-boom! easy. But, I won’t feel guilty for giving you a gift card to Amazon so that I know my money given to you is going towards something you really want.
  4. I’m an introvert and I’m going to take allotted time to recharge in between family get-togethers and food. (I did try this and it back fired for Thanksgiving-but, I didn’t communicate that to my s/o and was my fault.)
  5. This goes with #4 but, I can’t feel guilty about said time to recharge. It’s apart of my self-care and I’ll save that for another post on what all you can do for self care but, a 20 minute soak in the tub is high on that list!

I also plan to get my ass in my car and see all the lights on the mansions in a nearby neighborhood because that just sounds magical. I promise to not steal the lights, trees, and who-hash.

No artful bullshit and forever yours,



One thought on “Feeling Grinchy?

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your post! I used to love the holidays, but the last couple years (and 10 years worth of working retail during the holidays) have definitely made me a Grinch. I’m resorting to baking and giving food for Christmas versus buying people gifts- everyone loves cookies and Santa trail mix, right? The holidays are much more commercialized anymore, which is sad!

    Maybe start a tradition with your s/o to drive around and see the lights! No matter where you live, there are always going to be neighborhoods full of lights and it would be something you can eventually do with your future kids, too 🙂

    And don’t feel guilty for not pleasing either family. You have to please yourself first! 🙂 Xoxo


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